Near the end of 2007, just after graduating college in Rochester, NY, I took a road trip to Boston with a few friends. We were there to visit with and film Jukebox the Ghost.

After the show, we stopped in to a neighboring bar for a drink and to review some of the footage. The bar was rather large and had a flat screen TV and DJ booth off to one side, where the DJ and who I assumed was the manager, were singing Karaoke to an empty room. 

We plopped down and started reviewing the footage from the last few hours. Without warning, we heard this familiar woman's voice start singing Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear it for the Boy". As we looked up, Sia was dancing around the middle of the bar belting out the tune. I quickly switched the camera over to record mode and began filming her.

The footage is old, it's not shot well and it doesn't even span the whole length of the song. Despite all that, I thought it would make for a fun #tbt post and give me a reason to dig though my years of random footage I've collected.